Varani gin was born from the union of two great passions of its creator, dr. Aurelio Varani, a pharmacist who has been able to put together his interest in the world of gin and his professional knowledge of distillation acquired mostly in the laboratories of the’ University.

The name was chosen because it is the surname of its producer, but also because it evokes the Komodo monitor lizard, the largest living lizard, which expresses uniqueness, power and exoticism, dominating the ecosystems in which it lives.

It took over two years of testing and experimentation and countless infusions and distillations to get the final formulation, which was then created in collaboration with the Gavioli distillery in Bomporto, thus starting a production in small batches.

The botanicals used have very different textures and properties. To best extract the organoleptic characteristics of each botanical, it was preferred to work them individually, acting on the infusion times and the alcoholic degree of maceration.

The subsequent separate distillation, allows you to make the most of the yield curve of each single botanical. For example, if the peel of a citrus fruit “they cook” presto, the roots and barks need a higher alcohol content and higher temperatures to express themselves at their best.

Then follow the mixing of the various distillates (blending) and the subsequent cut a 42% vol.

Nothing else is added. Thus was born the Varani gin.

an elegant gin, hedonistic and compromising.

Try it alone or mixed.